Bangladesh Internet Exchange (BDIX)

BDIX is the first Internet Exchange Point (IXP) of Bangladesh. It was established to provide physical interconnection for its members to exchange and route local Internet traffic locally through it. So far more than 130 Organisations of different types (ISPs, mobile operators, content providers) are peering through BDIX.
Throughout its existence BDIX has maintained leadership of the fast-developing Internet industry of Bangladesh by providing high quality services that provided fast, cost-effective and efficient Internet connections for members and their customers. Like most other IXPs of the world BDIX is run with membership fees paid by the connected members, and are operated for the benefit of the members and the Internet community at large. For its financial operations members pay a monthly or annual fee, usually determined by the speed of the port or ports which they are using. The membership fees are very modest in comparison with the amount of potential saving of upstream transit costs by the members.
BDIX is a not-for-profit venture of the Sustainable Development Networking Foundation (SDNF) Bangladesh. SDNF is a transformed entity of Sustainable Development Networking Programme (SDNP) a project initiated by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Bangladesh under its Sustainable Environment Management Programme (SEMP) project and implemented by Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS).